What is a My Little Mat?

My Little Mats are personalized multi-use placemats for children. They can be used for so many different things like: cooking, sensory play, eating, homework, homeschool, etc. and are also a great gift! You can use any washable markers, crayons or paint sticks/paint on them. Easily wash them and use them over and over again!


What are they made of? Are they durable?

My Little Mats are designed in house and made to order.  Once the design is ready for production, they are sent off to our print shop where they are encapsulated in a thick lamination.  This encapsulation process creates a very durable placemat that can be used for years to come.  We are going on year four of still using our original mats in our home!


How do you clean them?

My Little Mats are so easy to clean! You can wipe them down with baby wipes or a wet washcloth and some soapy water. For those really messy moments, you can even put them right in the sink and wash them under running water with soap.  Although they can be submerged in water, we don't recommend letting them sit in water for long periods of time as this can eventually ruin the lamination.


What ages are they suited for?

Although you can gift them to any age, we believe My Little Mats are perfect for ages 2-12. We offer different "back side" options depending on what age you are shopping for.  Our "tracing back" is perfect for ages 2-4 whereas our "doodle back" works for all ages. We also offer a "math back" that is better suited towards ages 4-8.