Let's make a Leprechaun Trap

Looking for a way to add some magic to your St. Patrick's Day celebrations? Why not try making a leprechaun trap craft with your kids! It's a fun and creative way to get into the spirit of the holiday, and who knows, you might just catch a leprechaun!

Click here to download all the printables you see in this blog post for free!

What You'll Need:

To make your very own leprechaun trap, you'll need a few simple supplies:



How to Make It:

1. Start by decorating your shoebox or container/box with green paint sticks or, alternatively, green construction paper works too. We covered the box in green to get the festive feel. Once the box is all green and ready, make a small hole (large enough for a tiny Leprechaun of course) on the top of the box.

2. Next, using the free printables linked again here, colour in your rainbow and four leaf clovers.  You can also cut out the gold coins and "Free Gold" sign found in these printables, too. Alternatively, you can use real gold coins or chocolate coins instead and make your own rainbow/ four leaf clovers.

3. Once all your pieces are cut and ready, make clouds at the bottom of the rainbow using cotton balls and glue.  The kids loved this part as it added a touch of seemingly real clouds.

4. Now you can glue your rainbow down to the box hovering over the hole you made earlier.

5. Glue or place the gold coins or chocolate coins around the box as bait. Leprechauns are known for their love of gold, so this will surely catch their eye.

6. Get creative and add some extra touches to your trap, like a tiny ladder or a sign that says "Free Gold!". We used craft sticks to make our ladder and our sign. You can even sprinkle some glitter on the box to attract the leprechaun. Everyone knows leprechauns can't resist a bit of sparkle!



Setting the Trap:

Once your leprechaun trap is all set up, place it in a strategic location in your home. Leprechauns are sneaky creatures, so you'll want to choose a spot where they are likely to visit.

Before you know it, you might just wake up on St. Patrick's Day to find that you've caught yourself a mischievous leprechaun! Just remember, if you do catch one, be sure to treat them with kindness and respect. Who knows, they might just lead you to their pot of gold!

So gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and get ready to embark on a magical leprechaun-catching adventure with your little ones this St. Patrick's Day!


What our Leprechaun has left us in the past:

Need some ideas of what Leprechauns might leave you if you can't quite catch one? Here are some things our Leprechaun has left us in the past:


Celebrate Your Success

Whether you manage to catch the leprechaun or not, the most important thing is the fun you had building the trap together. Celebrate your creativity and imagination with a St. Patrick's Day party filled with laughter, joy, and maybe a pot of chocolate gold coins! 


Imagination Unleashed

Click here to download a free printable writing prompt for your kids to document how they caught a Leprechaun!

So, picture this: your little ones sitting around a table, pencils in hand, eyes wide with excitement. What could possibly have them so captivated? A writing prompt on how they caught a leprechaun, of course!

Kids have the most vivid imaginations. They can turn a cardboard box into a spaceship or a blanket into a magical cape in the blink of an eye. So, when presented with the challenge of catching a mischievous leprechaun, their creativity knows no bounds. The possibilities are endless, and the adventure is just waiting to unfold.

There's something about leprechauns that captures the imagination like no other. These tiny, elusive creatures are full of mischief and magic, making them the perfect subject for a writing prompt. Kids love the idea of outsmarting a clever leprechaun, using their wits and creativity to outmaneuver the little trickster. It's a challenge they can't resist!


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